Argireline Amplified®

A truly multi-tasking superior hexapeptide that provides a muscle relaxing effect. It helps achieve younger looking skin with a decrease in skin roughness, fine lines and skin fatigue. Skin isotrophy - the reduction of the depth of lines - is increased along with elasticity, firmness and radiance. It has a lifting effect and increases cheek volume.

Agireline Amplified is a naturally sourced, multi-tasking peptide which is one of the most widely used peptides to relax muscle movement in many of the so-called ‘Botox in a Bottle’ products.

 How it works? As well as working to improve the appearance of expression lines (by improving the speed of recovery from muscle contraction), this clever peptide also has collagen boosting benefits.

 What are the benefits? 4-week studies show an improvement in wrinkle depth of expression lines and crows’ feet, but also am improvement in skin barrier function and overall radiance in the skin.