Derived from Australian Wild Rosella and rich in hibiscus, Hydrosella Provides an immediate moisturizing effect for up to 72hr after a single application and provides a long-lasting effect and continuous skin improvement for maximum hydration.

Hydrosella is an organic extract from the hibiscus flower, (it’s from the part of the flower that protects the petals from drought and other environmental stress when it is in bud). How it works? It works on three levels. Firstly it helps increase every skin cell’s ability not only to absorb water and but to also retain water. Secondly, it helps restore to the skin’s barrier function by increasing the lipid production in the skin. The skin barrier is key for the skin to function properly (and look its best). It does this by keeping the good stuff in and keeping toxins out. The skin barrier is also crucial for retaining moisture and water in the skin. If the barrier doesn’t functioning correctly, skin can become extra sensitive, aggravated or just dull and flaky looking. Lastly Hydrosella also increases the thickness of the stratum corneum (the top layer of the epidermis). This gives skin that lovely smooth, velvet-ty appearance.

What are the benefits? Hydration is its key function. Dehydrated skin, ageing skin, or sensitive can loose its suppleness and smoothness and can look dull. Applying a product with Hydrosella is like giving the skin a huge glass of water to rehydrate. Skin’s suppleness is improved, skin’s smoothness is improved and overall the skin will look more velvety. Studies show how one application of Hydrosella can improve skin hydration for 72 hours.