Protecting against oxidate stress, recreating skin tension by restoring skin cell mitochondrial dynamism, and delivering V-shape lifting properties by tightening sagging neck skin, lifting the cheeks and smoothing out crow's feet wrinkles. It is the first naturally active ingredient to provide a visible lifting action. 

Majestem is an active ingredient taken from the beautiful star-like Edelweiss flower harvested from mountains in the Alps, Pyrenees and Himalayas.

 How it works? Due to it’s high anti-oxidant qualities it protects skin cells from oxidative stress from UV and pollution. But its other function if to provide a lifting effect to the skin as it stimulates the fibroblasts to produce more collagen.

 What are the benefits? Studies after 6 weeks show a tightening of sagging skin in the chin and neck area. They also show a lift in the upper cheek area as the tear trough folds can be decreased after using this product. Lastly, crows’ feet can be smoothed out. Sculptessence What is it? Sculptessence is derived from linseed (one of the most ecologically sound ingredients used as it requires very little fertilizer). How it works? It has been clinically proven to have a plumping effect on skin volume and so has a contouring effect on the face. It works by protecting the skin’s own collagen (so the skin maintains its firmness) but also stimulates the synthesis of glycosaminoglycans known as GAGs (which are structural chains in the skin). These chains can also hold a lot of water (a bit like hyaluronic acid) so they will help with hydration too – so the overall effect is more hydrated, firmer and plumper looking skin. What are the benefits? This ingredient is a bit like an injectable filler in a bottle – studies were really impressive after 6 weeks of use showing a gentle volume improvement plus 75% firmer skin in all who tried it and 92% said their skin was smoother.