Created from the precious Damask rose. A precious ingredient from Damask rose that helps to protect skin cells from stress-induced, overactivity and related damage and thus avoids skin cell exhaustion, a source of signs of fatigue. Reduces the visible signs of skin fatigue and evens skin tone and dark circles giving a smoother, glowing, more rested and refreshed look.

Rosality is a precious extract from the Damask Rose (grown in Turkey and harvested once a year between May and June. The petals are picked by hand and immediately processed. The rose extract is combined with vitamin E, macadamia oil and shea butter.

 How it works? It works on 2 levels. Firstly, this ingredient has shown in studies to protect the skin from the affects of all forms of stress (which makes the skin age quicker) – including pollution, lack of sleep, alcohol and general stress. Secondly, it’s a skin brightener. It brightens the skin in 3 different ways – dark under eye circles, sun induced pigmentation and dullness caused from fatigue and lack of sleep.