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About Amanda Caroline Skincare

‘Starting a skincare business at 50 thats courageous! And a little bit crazy !

Having porcelain skin I had a lot of sun damage after living and holidaying in hot places, my skin had open pores, over oily shine due to dehydration, wrinkles , pigmentation and loss of firmness especially the Lower face. There are some great brands out there but I searched to find the perfect simple quick highly effective skincare routine …

Amanda Caroline was born out of a consumer need and desire to wear less makeup on the skin. Skin health ,quality ,volume ,clarity ,radiance and freshness is my passion.

 It’s my pleasure to introduce the Amanda Caroline Haute Collection. The first of many incredible vegan clean unique formulas, Made in our labs in England. For the palest to the most melanin rich skin types, Enhancing repairing protecting your naturally beauty using natural ingredients from plant cells and rich botanical oils.

 Never irritating never stripping kind gentile results driven. For your sensitive precious skin’

Love, Amanda x

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