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Laura Rose Embraces Holistic Wellness with Amanda Caroline Skincare

In this exclusive interview, we dive into the radiant world of wellness expert Laura Rose, a seasoned professional in luxury spa management, and the founder of Laura Rose Esthetics Spa. 

With a luminous background in aesthetic treatments and spa consultancy, Laura shares her discovery of Amanda Caroline Beauty, and how she came to fall in love with our collection of vegan skincare essentials. 

Can you tell us a bit about your journey into the wellness space?
I have been in the wellness business in luxury hotels for twenty-five years — in these last two, I opened my own business. I started as an aesthetician at a very young age, and have deepened my knowledge as a therapist to the point where I specialise in new spa openings in 5-star hotels. 
I’ve worked with several world-renowned brands, offering product training with consideration of demanding, detail-oriented customers (and celebrities) who want tangible and visible results.

When it comes to wellness, what is your approach, what matters to you most?
One of my many passions is taking care of people using a holistic approach. The treatments I offer privately, from the comfort of one's own home, chalet, or hotel room are designed to deliver exclusive quality, technique and products.
My values are authenticity, efficiency, discretion, and professionalism. When I decided to open my business, it was clear to me that I didn’t want to deliver  “the same well known product”. I was looking for something new, innovative and at the same time, authentic and easy. I wanted products with immediate results and last but not least, with Rose as the key ingredient!

Presumably then, this is how you came across Amanda Caroline Beauty?
I discovered Amanda Caroline one morning, during my research at around 1 am. After months of looking, I thought for the first time, “Maybe, I’ve found what I am looking for”. First of all I read about her story, her vision, why she decided to work on wellness etc, there was clearly a match in our values. 

How did the relationship with us blossom?
Sometimes I think about that incredibly early morning that I texted Amanda and explained to her my philosophy and what I was looking for. It’s incredible that she answered me quite immediately. Both with passion to share!

We know you use the products, can you share with us your expert opinion?
I received the products at home, the serum and cream first, and the wonderful foaming cleanser came six months later. The texture, fragrance, and visible results were exactly what I was looking for.
The products ensure the top quality that I promise to offer my guests, and my skin! The fragrance of the Rose stays with me all day and night, and my daughter loves it too — we feel very special after cleansing at the end of a long day!
Honestly, these skin care products come very highly recommended from me, and my guests can’t live without them! 

Is there anything else that you would tell other skincare enthusiasts considering Amanda Caroline products for their skin, or their clients’ skin?
I find in Amanda, and the incredible team that is working with her, a pure and genuine passion. In all my career, this was the first time that an immediate connection has been created in a very spontaneous way. I feel supported in questions, requests, and sharing ideas. It is like being in a family!

Thank you so much for the continued support, we’re so grateful to have you as part of the community. Any final words? A mantra for our readers?
Do everything with passion, believe in what you do, and find great people around you that have the same concept in life!

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