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Embrace Your Inner Radiance: The 5-Minute Luxury Skincare Ritual

Skincare is where luxury and necessity meet. Dedicating just five minutes to yourself, both morning and evening, enhances your skin’s health and appearance whilst also working wonders for your wellbeing. Our founder, Amanda, follows a calming and simple skincare routine that promises not just care, but real indulgence for your complexion. 



1) The Ritual Begins 

Amanda begins with the Haute Rose Cream Clay Cleanser, a powerful formulation that doubles as a mask for days when self-care can take a little longer.  

Whether you’re ending your day head-to-toe in glam, or greeting the morning bare-faced, a splash of water will transform this cleanser into a creamy foam, dissolving makeup and impurities with ease, and leaving your skin pristine.  

2) Treat with Serum  

Nourishment follows cleansing, with the Haute Lift Serum acting as your skin’s elixir. Just three quarters of a pipette rejuvenates your face, neck, and décolleté, with gentle upward strokes encouraging absorption.  

3) Lock it in with Cream 

Amanda seals this liquid gold with the Haute Lift Rich Cream, applying in the same loving manner for an enviable dewy glow. 

4) Lift & Sculpt  

The next step is best experienced with our Rose Quartz Gua Sha, a tool designed not just for beauty, but for wellness. Following the below routine*, the Gua Sha stone helps to drain, lift, and sculpt, enhancing your natural contours while promoting lymphatic drainage.  

Enjoy a moment of tranquillity, and a meditation that leaves you and your skin revitalised, by following Amanda’s steps:  

  1. Open the lymph with gentle pumps under the armpit 
  2. Sweep your tool from chin to ear to lift and sculpt your jawline 
  3. Use the same sweeping motion from the corner of your mouth, across your cheekbone and toward your ear 
  4. Drain underneath your eye 

*for best results, always draw the gua sha towards the lymph points on your face and neck. 

The Choice is Yours 

As a final step, apply light makeup, or embrace natural radiance! 

Follow this serene ritual for five minutes each day to ensure you’re feeling cared for, confident, and glowy. Shop our luxury collection now 

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