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A Morning with Amanda Caroline: Embracing Beauty and Wellbeing

Get a glimpse of mornings with Amanda Caroline as she unveils the rituals that intertwine luxury vegan skincare with a holistic approach to wellbeing. This intimate Q&A explores how Amanda starts her day with intention — blending self-care with beauty practices to set a positive tone for the day ahead.

What’s the first thing you do when you wake up?

Mornings start with a cuddle from my gorgeous white poodle, Monty, which guarantees an uplifting start to the day! I then energise with celery juice and coffee, diving into emails and social media to connect with the world. 

After soaking in the news with a relaxing bath, I touch base with my lovely team before dedicating time to pilates, swimming, or a walk in nature — so long as the weather permits it. 

How important is having enough sleep?

I’m a big advocate for beauty sleep, striving for over eight hours of uninterrupted rest. It’s essential, a non-negotiable foundation for both beauty and wellness! I’ll happily hand over my nighttime ritual too, as it’s a must-do for a peaceful slumber and a perfect moment for hydrating my skin thoroughly. 

Any tips for a quick morning routine?

Embrace 'skinimilism' – an uncluttered, express skincare routine that focuses on cleansing, hydrating, and nourishing, complemented by gua sha for an instant lift.

Although fast, when applied, the complete Haute Collection is designed to target signs of ageing such as crows feet under eyes, and hyperpigmentation. 

My makeup is also swift  (under five minutes), thanks to the carefully considered formulations in our cruelty-free skincare — a natural glow is practically effortless!

How do you make sure you feel your best before you leave the house?

Looking and feeling good go hand-in-hand. Starting the day rested, restored, and excited is key, along with a personal morning boost—be it a motivational message to someone or a positive affirmation for myself. Generosity and joy are my morning mantras.

What are your Holy Grail morning products?

My go-to’s are the Haute Rose Cream Clay Foaming Cleanser, Haute Lift Serum, and Haute Lift Cream. In that order, because the order of skincare application makes a big difference! I also cherish luxurious bath and shower products from hotels like Hotel Coste and Hotel Du Cap, adding a splash of indulgence to every morning.

As soon as she wakes up, Amanda intertwines luxury with wellness, crafting a hydrating routine that not only beautifies but also energises and uplifts her spirit. 

Shop Amanda’s morning essentials here and embrace transformative cruelty-free skincare.

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