Our Haute Lift™ Complex

Our Haute Lift™ Complex was formulated with seven powerful bioactives including ROSALITY - a new and innovative skincare ingredient, addressing multiple signs of ageing and helping to treat stressed skin. Using plant stem cell technology – a process that offers a high concentration of antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, along with the inclusion of botanical oils, we are helping repair damaged skin, boost collagen, hydrate and help regenerate and smooth; each high quality ingredient harnessed has been clinically proven and chosen for their transformative properties. Nano particles and lighter textures mean maximum results from powerful actives that all demonstrate high efficacy and visible results.



    Derived from Australian Wild Rosella and rich in hibiscus, Hydrosella Provides an immediate moisturizing effect for up to 72hr after a single application and provides a long-lasting effect and continuous skin improvement for maximum hydration.



    A precious ingredient from Damask rose that helps to protect skin cells from stress-induced, overactivity and related damage and thus avoids skin cell exhaustion, a source of signs of fatigue. Reduces the visible signs of skin fatigue and evens skin tone and dark circles giving a smoother, glowing, more rested and refreshed look.



    Protecting against oxidate stress, recreating skin tension by restoring skin cell mitochondrial dynamism, and delivering V-shape lifting properties by tightening sagging neck skin, lifting the cheeks and smoothing out crow's feet wrinkles. It is the first naturally active ingredient to provide a visible lifting action. 



    Flaxseed-derived polysaccharides deliver immediate and long-lasting skin moisturisation. With their "hyaluronic acid-like" properties, they have a plumping action and are also shown to limit collagen degradation, delivering firmer skin. Clinically proven to help naturally redesign the face contour without invasive surgery.


    Argireline® Amplified peptide

    A truly multi-tasking superior hexapeptide that provides a muscle relaxing effect. It helps achieve younger looking skin with a decrease in skin roughness, fine lines and skin fatigue. Skin isotrophy - the reduction of the depth of lines - is increased along with elasticity, firmness and radiance. It has a lifting effect and increases cheek volume. Argireline® Amplified is a trademark of Lubrizol Advanced Materials, Inc., or its affiliates


    Hyaluronic Filling Amplified®

    These dehydrated spheres fill up with water from within the skin and swell causing a change in hydration volume which, through biotechnology, helps to immediately plump the skin and smooth out deep wrinkles.


    Hydrogeneration Pale Rose

    This special extract of rosa centifolia leaf cells is produced by the highly sustainable plant cell technology and is a moisturizing, regenerating, restructuring and hydrating agent. It helps restores the skin barrier and provides skin suppleness, softness & protection against outside aggressions.



    Cold-pressed rosehip oil has extremely high omega 3 and 6 levels, along with antioxidant tocopherols including vitamin E and vitamin A. Essential fatty acids help support the vital lipid barrier, restoring and maintaining the moisture balance in the skin. 



    Passionflower oil helps stimulate the key markers involved in skin repair and remodeling to promote and improve the healing process. Repairing, regenerating and soothing damaged and weakened skin. 

  • Formulated & made in the UK

  • Plant Stem Cell Technology

  • Repair & Regenerate

  • Vegan & Cruelty Free