Our Story

It was whilst discussing her own skincare concerns as a consumer (specifically pigmentation, uncontrollable shine from an excess of sebum, open pores, lack of hydration and signs of ageing) – that our founder, Amanda, had her lightbulb moment.

“I had never found products that I felt truly addressed my skincare needs, so, after finding a genius cosmetic scientist to work with, we started developing my own brand. My brief to her was highly targeted: I knew instinctively what I wanted to achieve for me, my family, friends and my future customers – better quality skin, full of elastin and collagen, a brighter, clearer complexion and overall healthier, glowing skin.”

Scientifically-proven, highly efficacious ingredients were key: “I read and researched for months. All I could talk about was skincare!”

The result after three years of development was a powerful 2 step routine of a breakthrough regenerating cream and serum boasting a unique HAUTE LIFT™ Complex.
The two launch products boast seven active ingredients and use plant stem cell technology for radiant, nourished and super-hydrated skin, up 72 hours hydration to be specific.

“This was my ‘pinch me moment’: we had created formulas that my skin had longed for.”

Amanda felt really passionate about ensuring the products were easily absorbed into the skin and worked well with makeup, during development she discovered nano particle technology, the cream specifically is a fluid rich cream, a new texture that ensures active ingredients are delivered into the skin much more efficiently.

Since launch Amanda has also added the beautiful Haute Rose™ Cream Clay Foaming Cleanser to her collection. The serum, cream & cleanser work beautifully together as a simple but powerful 3 step routine.

The results? Skin is firmer, lines are softened, oily t-zone rebalanced and replaced by glowing, volumised hydrated high quality skin with a brighter complexion.

Amanda also found that some of her pigmentation had faded over an 8-12 week period.

It was important to Amanda that the products not only delivered visible results – both in appearance and skin health – but were a sensory treat to use.

”I’m so proud of the textures of all three of my products. From the light silkiness of the serum and the gentle richness of the cream to the gorgeous creaminess of the clay cleanser, they feel truly beautiful to apply. My signature English rose scent delivers a pop of calming aromatherapy as you apply.”


We are a founder led English brand, passionate about better ageing and skin health.

We take a scientific approach working with experts to create high efficacy products.

We are customer focused, solving their needs & driven by the results they achieve

We are innovative, creating unique formulas to achieve the best results.

We formulate, make & test all our products in the UK with high quality ingredients

We are inspired by nature & use botanicals and plant technology.

We are socially conscious & invest in sustainable packaging, we are and always will be vegan friendly and never test on animals.

We create a luxury, sensual spa experience to fill our clients with confidence

We truly believe we all have the right to feel happy in our own skin.


  • Formulated & made in the UK

  • Plant Stem Cell Technology

  • Repair & Regenerate

  • Vegan & Cruelty Free