Meet Amanda Caroline Cronin

founder of Amanda Caroline Skincare.

Scouted in her teens, Amanda’s modelling career took her around the globe where she spent years immersed in the worlds of fashion and beauty. After being relentlessly scrutinised for how she looked, Amanda’s focus shifted when she was diagnosed with skin cancer in her early thirties. “It was actually my eureka moment: I began to think more about my skin, understanding about reducing my sun exposure, boosting hydration, working to improve its texture and learning how our skin can affect our whole system. I also became fascinated with the ageing process”.  

During a difficult time, after a painful separation took its toll, Amanda found comfort in the daily ritual of skincare. “I was fully focused on securing my future which was hugely stressful and very painful. I was lucky enough to meet aesthetician Pietro Simone, who took me under his wing, introducing me to an incredible array of face and body treatments. I felt so safe and reassured and saw such an improvement in my skin that I was inspired to learn more about aesthetic treatments and the science of the skin.”  

After years living in the Mediterranean and the Swiss Mountains, pigmentation was beginning to be a concern and Amanda would find herself covering it with heavy make-up. “I was mixing with international women who had a more natural look, and I knew I wanted to get to a place where I was wearing make-up to emphasise my features, not hide my insecurities.”   Now entering her fifties and beginning an exciting post-divorce chapter of her life, her unstoppable energy and drive have been focused on creating a luxury skincare line. Passionate about products and treatments, when she struggled to find a cream that truly met her skin’s needs, Amanda’s approach of never accepting second best led her to collaborate with an award-winning biochemist to create her own actives-infused formulations.   “From the very beginning of the research and development phase, I focused on hydration. The rich creams I had been using were too heavy for me, causing congestion and breakouts, which meant I stopped putting enough moisture into my skin. This kickstarted me to work on developing a cream that is rich but light, that rebalances the skin, contains incredible actives and boosts hydration for up to 72 hours.”

“My mantra is ‘be happy in the skin you’re in’…
so why not make that skin amazing skin?”


We are an English brand with a global outlook. We have high aspirations and even higher standards. We are inquisitive and always learning, we are enlightened and always evolving. We are passionate about bringing you pioneering, high-tech, science led ingredients. We are consumer and results driven. We are all about empowerment, positive energy and confidence. We truly believe we all have the right to feel happy in our own skin. We’re conscious of our carbon footprint and have invested in glass bottles and sustainable packaging. We are intelligent and compassionate. We are inspired by the planet and the beauty of nature.

for every age. Every skin type.

Welcome to
Amanda Caroline Skincare.