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Amanda Caroline’s Favourite Escapes and the Skincare Essentials that Follow Her

Join us on a journey with Amanda, our founder, through her favoured holiday destinations and the select luxury vegan skincare essentials that ensure her radiance, no matter the climate. From the serene UK South Coast to the vibrant streets of Paris, each escape not only keeps her passions fueled, but also ties intimately to our brand’s ethos of luxury, efficacy, and clean skincare.

UK South Coast: A Return to Roots

Amanda often visits the UK’s South Coast, where memories of her childhood float in the coastal air. Enjoying scenic walks and the familiar taste of fish and chips, Amanda is reminded that it was the fresh ocean air and purity of nature that inspired the carefully selected (and potent!) ingredients of our luxury skincare collection. 

The inspiration behind our Haute Rose Cream Clay Foaming Cleanser traces back to Amanda’s fond memories of gathering rose petals in the garden and pressing them to release enchanting scents. This cleanser captures the essence of those nostalgic moments, blending the raw, natural beauty of the South Coast with the transformative power of plant stem cell technology — ideal for combating pigmentation and hyperpigmentation. 


Aspen: Embracing the Chill 

In the frosty allure of Aspen, where the slopes call, Amanda showcases how to keep active while safeguarding the skin’s delicate balance. Our products, designed to thrive in extreme conditions, provide a sanctuary of hydration, particularly for sensitive areas like lips and crows feet surrounding eyes. Amanda applies our Haute Lift Cream morning and evening to ensure her skin remains dewy and aglow amidst the dry, alpine air.

Paris: A Fashionable Flourish

In the city of lights, amidst the electrifying buzz of fashion week, Amanda transforms Paris into her canvas. Staying at Hotel Coste, she immerses herself in the world of haute couture, always keeping her best, vegan, cruelty-free skincare collection handy for when friends and models need that essential touch-up!

Amidst the whirlwind of meetings and shows, the Haute Lift Serum becomes Amanda’s secret weapon, applied over makeup to rejuvenate skin, guaranteeing a quintessential Parisian glow.

Mexico: Sun-Soaked Serenity

Finally, in the vibrant embrace of Careyes, Mexico, Amanda finds inspiration in the azure waters and the company of friends and family. Here, the focus on hydrating products and sun protection highlights her commitment to keeping her complexion radiant and healthy. This is a perfect opportunity for Amanda to apply our Rosality-infused skincare, a key ingredient known for its calming properties. 

Safe in the knowledge she always has her travel-friendly 5ml essentials, she reapplies Haute Lift Serum and Haute Lift Cream, enjoying the blissful balance of leisure and care, and mindful of the delicate dance with the sun to maintain her skin’s natural glow. 

The Haute Collection

Amanda's select products go beyond meeting the environmental needs; they reflect her philosophy of nurturing beauty at every moment, turning every destination into a celebration of self-care and indulgence. 

Planning a trip? Explore our collection of vegan, cruelty free skincare, and keep your skin plump and protected, no matter where your adventures take you.

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