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The Rise of Rosality: A Hero Ingredient in Our Skincare Essentials

At Amanda Caroline Beauty, we’re pioneering the inclusion of Rosality in our range of luxury vegan skincare essentials. Derived from the Damask rose, this potent cosmetic ingredient represents true innovation in the clean skincare space, so naturally, it features in our iconic Haute collection.

Specifically formulated to shield the skin from the rigours of modern life, including pollution, UV exposure, and the stress of fast-paced environments, we’re proud to enrich our Haute Lift Cleanser, Haute Lift Serum, and Haute Lift Cream with this hero ingredient — let’s explore its transformative capabilities in skincare step by step

Unveiling Rosality

Rosality is extracted from the Damask rose to combat both environmental stressors like smog and UV rays, and emotional stressors such as fatigue and anxiety. Lovers of Amanda Caroline Beauty will be well aware of our infinity with the intoxicating rose aroma, which makes it even more appropriately placed in each of our formulations. 

Rosality not only revitalises and protects the skin but also aligns with our ethos of marrying luxury with efficacy. Its brightening effects make it a perfect alternative to Vitamin C, offering a fresh, rosy complexion, and visible luminosity. 

A Gentle Powerhouse

Luxury skincare enthusiasts expect more than just results, which is why we blend ingredients for an experience that feels as indulgent as it is beneficial. Rosality works wonders here by reducing signs of stress, such dark spots and an uneven complexion, all while soothing, hydrating, and calming.

Within just 24 hours of application, the powerful effects of Rosality are obvious, showcasing amazing results for the treatment of rosacea, pigmentation and hyperpigmentation, as well as sunspots. And the proof is in our picture…

From Petal to Potion

The decision to spotlight Rosality across our cruelty-free vegan skincare collection stems from a deep commitment to leveraging nature's most effective ingredients. While the Damask rose itself is a nod to the type of beauty and tradition that Amanda, our founder, values, it's the transformative properties of Rosality that make it the star of our Haute Lift Cleanser, Haute Lift Serum, and Haute Lift Cream.

Our Collection

In essence, Rosality is the ultimate ingredient in our skincare lineup, working its magic to de-stress skin for a clearer complexion, whilst six other incredible bioactives also help to firm, lift and hydrate. 

In need of a skincare routine that loves your skin back to life? Shop Amanda Caroline Beauty now and experience a bright, even, and refreshingly beautiful glow. 

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