London Entrepreneur Amanda Cronin Launches Skin Care – WWD - Amanda Caroline Beauty

London Entrepreneur Amanda Cronin Launches Skin Care – WWD

First it was Trinny, then Victoria, then Rosie. Now, Amanda Caroline Cronin is on the scene. London is fast becoming the hub for beauty brands founded by women based on personality – and entrepreneurial spirit.

Trinny Woodall and Victoria Beckham both had long and very different careers in media, entertainment and fashion before they launched their respective brands. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley spent a career as a model, influencer, and brand collaborator before launching the Rose Inc makeup line. their own last year.

None of them have any industry-specific knowledge or expertise. Instead, they each have decades of experience as consumers; a sizable social following and pure charisma, which they have transformed into fast-growing, international brands, with a strong direct-to-consumer perspective.
London-based Cronin hopes to follow in their footsteps. While she may not be as famous as Woodall, Beckham or Huntington-Whiteley, she has nearly 60,000 followers on Instagram and an upcoming Warner Bros. TV show. titled “Amanda and Friends,” ranks the post-divorce chapter of her life.

This social media model and entrepreneur is certainly second to none: She’s also in the real estate business, tearing down homes and rebuilding them, and is an ambassador for brands including Stephen Webster.

Cronin, in her 50s and with an older daughter named Sofia Yeganeh, decided to start taking care of her skin after her divorce from energy mogul Mark Daeche. She did it for many reasons, including the comfort the beauty gave her during a difficult time.

“The wheel fell out of my marriage around 2017, and when it became very, very painful, I turned to beauty as a comfort and became a close friend of Pietro Simone,” says expert. skin care Italian who runs clinics in London and New York said.

"When I wasn't reading the divorce papers, I was pampered by Pietro, two to three times a week. During an interview at her art house in Belgravia, I was very focused on beauty and my skin has improved, Cronin said in an interview at her Belgravia art house.

It was because of her belief in the power of beauty treatments that she decided to develop and create a hero product herself that could meet the skin care needs of her and those of her older peers. 40 years old. Specifically, she wanted to develop a rich cream that was light and absorbent enough to the worn during the day that could nourish the skin, leaving it looking smooth and healthy.

The result of Cronin’s efforts are two lightweight formulas that work in tandem and aim for immediate results: Amanda Caroline Haute Lift Serum and Haute Lift Cream.

Cronin has developed them together with industry experts who have worked at brands ranging from Chanel and L'Oréal to Trinny London and Charlotte Tilbury.

The products are vegan, designed for sensitive skin and made in the UK, including the glass bottle and packaging. These include bioactive ingredients, rose hip seed and passionflower oil and the scent of damask rose. The collection launches on this month in 30 ml. The serum costs £125 and 30 ml. ice cream at 120 pounds.

Cronin says she has overseen every aspect of the research and development process and her vision is to transform Amanda Caroline into a world-class, luxury lifestyle brand. Over the next two years, the plan is to build a digital business and launch body lotions, color cosmetics, hair care and related lifestyle products.

A broader online retail rollout is set for the second half of 2022, and the plan is to expand to physical retail stores, including luxury pharmacies, by early 2023.
“After the divorce, I may be a lunch lady, but I love to produce and I am creative. I’m also a perfectionist, and I know exactly what I want. The sky is the limit,” she said.

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