Dry, Red, Irritated Skin on the Ski Slopes? - Amanda Caroline Beauty

Dry, Red, Irritated Skin on the Ski Slopes?

'When I'm in the mountains friends are always surprised that I'm not suffering from dry, reddened and irritated skin or sore cracked lips. In fact I get compliments on how glowy my skin is even in the coldest temperatures.'

'This is purely down to the incredible formulations I've created for you at Amanda Caroline Skincare. Especially the Haute Lift Rich Cream, which delivers seven active ingredients from plant stem cells and botanical oils, including rose-hip seed oil, passionflower oil, squalene and jojoba oil. Delivering all of their key benefits deep into the epidemis. Protecting and nourishing your skin in the harsh climate of the mountains.'

'Don't forget the Haute Lift Rich cream works around the eyes and on the lips!'

Love, Amanda x 


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